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The Communicator mask designed and produced by Safe’N’Clear, is designed to serve as an innovative and affordable protective device for health care professionals and consumers who desire clear communication while wearing protective gear. The product is made in the style of a surgical mask with a clear section in front of the mouth to allow the wearer and those who come in contact a chance to communicate clearly.

Dr. Anne McIntosh, who has bilateral hearing loss, found herself in emergency surgery as a patient. Communicating clearly with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers is essential.

Today, the product is available for all those who want to communicate clearly and have the benefit of a protective device when needed, both in and out of medical fields.

The Communicator is a true breakthrough in product design – allowing those who are in manufacturing, fire/safety, medicine, public, and chemical environments to have protection as well as a chance to speak and show facial expressions.

Communicator masks are available in single and bulk packages. Whether you are purchasing the mask for your medical practice or for your family, you can select an order size that fits your needs. Proudly made in the USA with quality as our top priority.


Revolutionizing health care and putting a premium on clearer communication