SayWhatClub Convention 2017

SayWhatClub Convention 2017

Say What?

We are committed to helping our friends and families dealing with hearing loss.

Are you a person dealing with hearing loss? If you are hard of hearing, deaf or late-deafened, or have a friend or family member struggling with hearing loss, SayWhatClub (SWC) might be just what you are looking for.   SWC is for anyone dealing with hearing loss who would like to learn more about coping and to socialize with others who ‘get it’. Family members are always welcome and encouraged to attend.

SayWhatClub (SWC) is a wonderful place to connect with others who have similar experiences. Check out SWC Voices for lively online conversations with people who understand hearing loss. Subscribe to any of the 10 Mailing Lists,  Learn more about SWC Special Interest Groups.

And consider joining me at the 2017 SayWhatClub Convention August 2-5 in historic downtown Savannah, GA.    *Early Bird Tickets are Available until April 30 and Special Room Rates while they last.

I hope to see you there!

SayWhatClubbers have been gathering annually since 1996! The convention offers an opportunity for those who belong to our online community to meet face-to- face. Whether it’s your first time attending or a long-standing tradition; whether you are a part of our online groups, or not, you’ll feel empowered by spending time with others who ‘get’ you, and who believe there is no right or wrong way to live with hearing loss and deafness.

SayWhatClub Convention 2017 Anne McIntosh Keynote

Join Us in Supporting SOLACE for the Children

Join Us in Supporting SOLACE for the Children

Recent events in the news should remind each of us about the need to improve the conditions faced by children around the world and especially in war-torn regions.  Our friends at SOLACE for the children, based in Mooresville, NC, are working every day to do just that.  Building peace on a foundation of health they are establishing international partnerships, providing medical care, education and leadership development for the children of war-torn countries.   Since 2007 they have helped more than 20,000 people through volunteer-led humanitarian efforts.

Solcae for the Children

Please join us in supporting their efforts.  This month we are offering a 10% discount on all purchases of our Communicator Mask and we will donate 10% of our Sales to SOLACE for the children.  

Buy Now on Amazon.   Just enter the code SOLACE4 at checkout.   

Learn more about  SOLACE for the csolace for the children logohildren by visiting  or Donate directly.     

Thank you very much for your kind support.  

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